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Our advancedCommercial and Industrial Grade Epoxy Coatings, now fortified with durableUrethane Cements designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. From areas subjected to High-temperature environments to airplane hangars and manufacturing facilities facing severe temperature swings, our Urethane Cements offer unmatched performance and reliability.

In environments with high temperatures, such as manufacturing facilities and industrial plants, our Urethane Cements reinforce our epoxy coatings, providing exceptional heat resistance. These floors can endure exposure to hot equipment, steam, and thermal shocks without compromising their integrity or aesthetics.The Urethane Cements act as a protective barrier, safeguarding the floor from the detrimental effects of intense heat.

Conversely, in environments with low temperature swings, such as airplane hangars and cold storage facilities, our Urethane Cements bolster the epoxy coatings to remain stable and flexible even in freezing conditions. These floors maintain their strength and resilience, resisting cracks and fractures caused by extreme cold and temperature changes.

The combination of epoxy coatings and Urethane Cements creates a robust flooring system that adapts to the demanding conditions of any industrial setting. The seamless and continuous surface ensures that there are no joints or weak points vulnerable to temperature-related damage, providing a reliable and safe foundation for operations.

With ourUrethane Cements, you can rest assured that your floors can handle both high and low temperature extremes without compromising on performance or appearance.This enhanced durability and temperature resistance make our flooring solution ideal for a wide range of applications, from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to commercial kitchens, hospitals, and even airplane hangars.

Experience the power of our Commercial and Industrial Grade Epoxy Coatings with UrethaneCements, where resilience meets versatility, and temperature challenges are no match for the strength of our flooring system. Whether facing scorching heat or freezing cold, our coatings stand strong, delivering a seamless, continuous floor that can handle extreme temperature fluctuations and maintain peak performance year after year.